The team was founded in 2007 with permanent driver Jeroen van Liere. From 2010 the team was expanded with a guest rider for some event this was Raymond de Wit. Raymond ridden for the team throughout 2014, but decided to take a step back and join as a mechanic at Jeroen's races.

After driving for 8 years in the Netherlands we were invited in 2015 to join the Malossi Cup in Italy. These are official matches for the Italian championship. Where a scooter normally reaches 45 km / h, we have increased the power significantly and can achieve a top speed of approximately 155km / h depending on which circuit we drive.

We would love to join the Malossi Cup again next season and also compete in a number of races in other championships as a guest rider.



If you would like more information about the team members, see below. Because the team members are introduced to you extensively.


The scooter that is being driven is a Piaggio zip 98.

This type of scooter can also be found on the street. We only adapted a number of things to the scooter.

Below are some examples:

• The 50cc cylinder has been replaced by a 70cc cylinder

• A larger carburetor is mounted

• The scooter is equipped with special race shock dampers

• The original street tires have made room for circuit tires

• There is a special dashboard mounted that’s readable with the laptop

• A larger radiator for better cooling of the engine block